Nathan welcomed his Grandfather to Japan

Lolo came to visit us in Japan. The last time Nathan saw his grandfather was 6 months ago during Christmas break.

Nathan was excited to see his Grandfather/Lolo. He pointed at Grandfather and asked, “Who’s that?” Then answered his own question, “Lolo Hermie.” to Lolo’s surprise. Nathan then pointed on his cheeks and said, “That’s Nathan!” Still with his thinking cap on, he continued, “Nathan Gil Yu Perez!”

Without a lot of prompting, Nathan does not normally answer the question, “What’s your name?” So watching all that was really exciting for me. To think he was really shy in the beginning. He would look at Lolo, hide his head under my hug, take a peek again, hide again, etc. Warming up took about 10 minutes. Then he was ready to interact.