Grandfather is son-rising Nathan

Lolo tried a little son-rising today. Nathan did some “isming” with the slinky at first but glanced at Lolo frequently as Lolo “joined” him holding his own slinky. When Nathan dropped the slinky, he didn’t try to get it again. Instead he looked at Lolo and watched Lolo play with the slinky. I explained to Lolo that Nathan was more interested in what Lolo was doing rather than withdrawing into his autistic world. Since day one, Nathan showed a lot of interest in Lolo.

Lolo also started reading a son-rise book and agrees with all the principles in it.

He recalled, as a kid, how peers used to hate schooling. One even stopped schooling. He wonders if they too needed help. Could they have been given better chances at coping in school had their parents know about son-rise or even just the basic son-rise principles?