Responding well at the pool

We went swimming with Nathan’s uncle, Tito Rico.

Tito Rico was pleased to see how responsive Nathan was in the pool. Nathan kept asking Tito Rico to help him jump, to blow bubbles, to carry him, etc.

A few years back I remember Tito Rico saying that Nathan needs more energy. He was referring to how unresponsive Nathan was. That was before we got Nathan’s autism diagnosis.

Now, seven months after we started Nathan’s son-rise program, we can already see how much more responsive he has grown.

Elements of son-rise during the swimming pool moment:

1. Child will response well in a one-on-one environment
2. Learning comes easy when if its fun and exciting
3. Facilitator is a good listener and responds quickly to what he child asks for. This helps the child learn that his speech is powerful and he will continue to use speech and eventually master it.