For the record: What doctors say

Even our DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctor told me that the chances to Nathan making a full recovery are slim. He attributes this to his cerebral palsy caused by PVL, a brain injury when he was born premature which limits movement of his lower extremities.

He says some kids (about 30%) can recover with biomedical intervention but Nathan seems outside that 30% because of his CP.

I want to put this on the record and revisit it few years down the line,
after our son-rise journey.

This is not the only prognosis setting limits on Nathan. Doctors have said:
He may never walk (Nathan started to walk at age 3).
He will have a learning disability.
He will need help in high school…He will never make it to college.

“Doctors said, I would not be able to walk. My mother said I would…I listened to my Mom.”
– Wilma Rudolph, the fastest woman in the world (1960)

But while it is so important for me to see my Nathan make giant leaps. I love him just the way he is. If I could go back in time and change things. I would not change a thing about having my special Nathan. He has given me so much more than I could give him.