The better sales person

Don’t you hate it when you’re at a wonderful shop then the sales lady comes along being too opinionated about what suits you better? And even if you didn’t like her suggestion, she will keep imposing it. Sometimes, even if that shop might have something you want, you’ll just walk away because dealing with the sales lady is too much.

The perfect sales lady will stand a good distance from you and simply wait for you to ask questions or request your size or color. When you do, she might have some useful information and it gives you even more encouragement that what you chose is perfect for you!

That’s how son-rise facilitators are. They won’t come with their agenda/targets. Rather they will join the child and find out what the child enjoys. When the child is ready to excel, they will give the child an encouraging push. And because it was the child’s initiative, learning is permanent!

Much of conventional autism therapy has targets dictated by the teacher. Repetition is used to help the child learn. But the child wouldn’t care less if he shoots pegs or identify colors or answers “Where do you live?” or “what comes after 12?” What’s in it for him anyways? Thus, even if he learns something new for the day, he will forget it tomorrow or next month. Then they have to use repetition again to teach him. And when he does not learn they say, “Autistic children will never learn” or “Autism is a life-long ailment.”

That is simply not true. So many son-rise kids have proven that their potential is limitless!

Loving our son-rise journey!