Today’s Miracle

Today’s miracle

I though this morning’s son-rise with Nathan would be another “joining” session. But towards the end of the session, he asked, “[I] want the Legos.” This was a reason to celebrate because usually, it is me who offers him Legos. He doesn’t show interest in them or toys in general. He has asked for tickles or piggy-back rides, stuff that makes him laugh, but never Legos! We have built something once before, but Nathan will typically take the Legos and bang them together in various ways exploring how each position change will result into a corresponding sound. Or he will tap Legos on his cheeks, lips, teeth, etc. also exploring how slight changes results to very different sensations and sounds.

…Then Nathan said, “I want to make a train.” Woohoo! My son made a plan and he followed through! He allowed me to assist him lay down the Legos and this is what we created in matter of seconds! This calls for a party! I’m the happiest mom today!