Less tantrums and isms with MMS

Nathan’s isms (exclusive, repetitive autistic behavior) and tantrums has been more mellow.  Before he would all of a sudden get irritated (when Amor shouts, for example) and want to pinch, bite, pull hair or clinch his fist or body tense.  Son-rise has helped us a lot to manage his tantrums.  We have been able to bring down an hour of crying to 5 mins or less.  We have been able diminish his need to bite someone by loving and accepting his need to bite when he overstimulated and providing him alternatives. For a child with autism, who has a hard time expressing his needs, it’s understandable that biting is the easiest thing to do.


MMS brings us to a higher level.  Now, when he is over stimulated by background noise, I only see him closing his fist, not even clinching with facial expression of anger anymore.  The other day, he cried.  While I am usually on guard against his sudden urge to bite, that time I wasn’t.  His cry was so mellow.  For the first time I could carry and hug him without feeling so alert that I have to be ready to put distance between us in case he will bite.  While he was crying, I was enjoying the fact that he was just hugging me.  He literally just needed a shoulder to cry on and not a teether to release his anger.


MMS recovery is so much faster than I had expected!  Miracles happen!  We’re only on day 17 of MMS, not even full dose yet.