Fingers crossed, first memory recall

I may be over excited but I believe Nathan just used his first past tense sentence…he’s recalling (or can verbalize that he can recall) memory from about 7 months back:

Nathan: Airplane looks like a spaceship
Me: Do you remember the airplane at Oji Zoo?
Nathan: Airplane at Oji Zoo
Me: Do you remember the spaceship at Oji Zoo?
Nathan: Spaceship at Oji Zoo….(paused while thinking)…Train at Oji Zoo.
Me: OMG! Yes! Those were your 3 favorite rides at Oji Zoo! You remember!
(Still trying to push my luck if he can verbalize the animals that he saw)
Me: Do you remember the zebra at Oji Zoo?
Nathan: (long pause) Horse?
Me: (thinking there were no horses, darn, we were doing so good with memory recall…..wait…) Oh, you remember the carousel at Oji Zoo! (I got him to ride it even of it wasn’t his favorite).
Nathan: How about merry-go-round?
Me: Of course, yes, it was merry-go-round (Ya Mama, stop confusing the child and giving too many names for the same thing).

It’s our 3rd week of MMS.

Nathan is also more responsive so Ian is spending more time…like 6 mins (up from 5 mins, hahaha)…and having fun son-rising him. Sometimes I just catch my boys laughing together. Music to my ears.