MMS is son-rise fast-forward

MMS makes me feel like we’re on son- rise fast-forward. We used to get an interaction from Nathan simply by echoing his verbal isms. Now, when we say things, Nathan echoes back. He is clearly more attentive and learning more. His eye contact is stronger than it already was with son-rise. Son-rise made him more persistent, yet it went up a notch with louder voice and body gestures. He holds my chin if he wants to be heard. He is saying more cognitive things like, “the CD looks like cymbals.”

All those improvements came with free worms in his poop thanks to MMS. He started regressing from age 2 1/2. It’s been 4 years. I’m certain he’ll be a different person when we get all the junk out of his gut.

I just have to add. I’m glad I found son-rise before MMS. It makes me a better parent understanding my child and his isms. And yes, I want his isms to go away as fast as possible but that does not make me love him less. And yes, even if Nathan does not fully recover…I will be grateful for all the love I have received because of him.