How Nathan regressed deep into autism and how we’re gonna find our way out.

At birth
Premature (7 months gestation)
NICU neurologist (after examining brain scans) says, “Nathan may never walk, he may have learning difficulties.”

5 months
PT confirms cerebral palsy (limited motor abilities)

9 months
First word: apple

1 year old
Nathan knows a handful of words

1 1/2 years old
Nathan knows at least 50 words (2 sets of flash cards). Doctors dismiss “learning difficulty.”
Mom and Nathan can play a modified version of “name that tune.”

2 years old
Nathan is still not walking but is talking in sentences.
He knows ALL his nursery rhymes and easily picks up new ones.
He can listen to mom spell and identify the words.

2 1/2 years old
Developmental Neurologist sees his eye-contact and dismisses “learning difficultly” prognosis…only walking was the problem.
Nathan is still getting his pronouns wrong.
Hasn’t started to converse.
Has a bit of echolalia.
Nathan hums in between singing his nursery rhymes.

3 years old
Nathan starts to walk independently.
The humming in between his nursery rhymes becomes longer and longer. Mom begins to wonder if those are blank moments.
Nathan never converses.
Nathan does not answer the question “What is your name?”
His attention span is short for his age.
…but parents wait patiently for cognitive gains while enrolling him in PT, OT, The Listening Program, Aquatherapy.

3 1/2 years old
New Developmental Neurologist says, “I worry about his social skills.”
Nathan fails to acknowledge father’s presence (after living apart for a year to get access to more therapy).

4 years old
Nathan goes to summer school and is evidently in this own world.
Neurologist confirms: AUTISM. He tell moms, things will get better
…but mom thinks: Why does it seem to be getting worse?
Nathan loses eye-contact.
He never converses.
He never learns to play with toys.
He does not play with his siblings.
He stopped singing songs and spends more time humming.
He stopped describing things around him.
He even stopped his echolalia.
Stem cell injections – it did nothing for autism.

4 1/2 years
Nathan’s cognitive level after Neuro. Dev. assessment: only 1 year 2 months. Less than half his age??? What happened? Despite intensive therapy, Nathan had become severely autistic. He wasn’t born with this autism.

5 years old
We found the Son-Rise Program! The best therapy for kids with autism and the best parenting tools for parents (with or without special needs kids).
Nathan gains intentional speech.
Gains eye-contact
Nathan starts to bond with Papa again.

6 years old
MMS! It’s not in the medical books. Only 5 weeks into MMS,
Nathan by himself, plays with cars appropriately;
He wants a say in what to wear;
He’s more persistent when he wants to be heard;
He has started to talk about his past;
He is more consistent in answering questions, even a second rkind of questions (2 loop conversation)
maybe even a 3rd and fourth, especially with coaching.
All these are emerging skills but I have full confidence this is the way out of autism.

I speak with conviction because to date, 73 kids (some are teenagers) have recovered from autism with MMS. And the number is growing.

Parasites, bad bacteria, yeast and viruses that release waste and decompose in kids guts release toxins which affect the brain causing autism. MMS kills all those.
Nathan is on his way to recovery.

It’s not in medical books.
If you want read the criticism about MMS by the people who have NOT tried MMS. But also read the great things said by those that have tried it: