Expanding singing games

Dear Son-Rise Volunteers,

Please share games that we can all use and expand on. Let me start.

Two weeks ago, I watched Eric teach Nathan the sponge bob song. Eric sang the first line, “who lives in a pineapple under the sea” and then enthusiastically pointed at Nathan. On cue, Nathan sang, “sponge bob square pants!” Eric sang the second stanza and again pointed at Nathan. Again, on cue, Nathan responded, “Sponge bob square pants!”

Today I tried it with one of his favorite: veggie tales theme song. Actually, he initiated the game by saying the lines the characters said before the song. At this point it was more of an ism. To sustain the activity, I sang the first musical beats (intro to the song) and then pointed at him with excitement. With perfect timing, he sang the first line of the song, “If you want to talk with potatoes.” I sang the second, “If a squash can make you cry.” Then I pointed at him again. He sang the third line, “If you want to waltz with tomatoes”…we continued several times for this long song. I cheered all the way! It was so much fun and I felt that was an amazing sustained interaction.

Maybe we can all try doing the same for “My Girl” or “Celebration” or even teach him a new song.

Thanks Eric, for inspiring this game!