Eric Uy

1)      Special needs kids are different, each individual is unique. The approach in getting to know them will take a while, unless they consider you as their ‘friend’, then they can and will connect with you openly.

They excel in a specific skill. They have great minds, as long as we can identify what is it and nurture that skill.


2)      Before working with Nathan. or before Nathan allows me to work with him, I do not know how to communicate with him. This is where ‘joining’ came into play. As the sessions progress, I noticed Nathan really can communicate openly as long as he wanted to. (I also understand from Chris that its added effort for Nathan to open up) I interpret it as a muscle that he needs to flex to keep the connection open and that it can be trained with exercise. In our sessions, singing works, the sponge bob song surprised me, I forgot how we started, but it confirmed by belief that Nathan can connect when he wanted to.


3)      How will my experience with Nathan affect my next encounter…. All special needs kids have great potential. With the correct nurturing method, patience, and love, special needs kids can grow out of Autism.