Pam Diocos

When I first met Amor and Nathan at a pool party, I didn’t try to interact with them cause I don’t know how to connect with them…am clueless : )  After the Son Rise Program orientation, it gave me a better understanding of “special needs” and felt am better equipped to adapt to their “special” needs.  I’ve been a Son Rise volunteer for the past 5 weeks now.  I find it rewarding to be a Son Rise volunteer for Nathan and Amor cause it affirms my belief on the POWER OF LOVELOVE gives us the ability to connect in a different level…it gives us the power to understand and adapt, and respond in a way that is nurturing than discouraging.  Nathan surprises me every week.  Am excited to see Nathan and Amor every week cause I know they are excited to see me too : )  plus it helps me unwind…forget about the worries for an hour or two once a week.  Am also inspired by their parent’s, Chris and Gil, for their 3Es towards their kids…parang bottomless ice tea lang….so refreshing.

Next time I encounter a child with special needs…I will start to JOINING : )