Papa’s Birthday Reflections

2 days ago, I celebrated my 40th birthday. I can’t imagine it has been 40 years. The 1st 20 I spent mostly studying. The 2nd 20 mostly working, and swimming, biking, and running (triathlon). But only the last 10 years that I really found most fun and fulfilling – raising a family…. Nathan (my son with autism and cerebral palsy) taught me that I am capable of loving more than I thought I can. He also taught me to listen to my beliefs more than what other people say or do about my son. Amor (my daughter with Global Developmental/ Speech Delay) taught me to be more patient and be more in-touch with my emotions. She also taught me that I can enjoy shopping for her fashionable clothes as much as I do for my sports gearĀ . Ian (my neurotypical son) taught me God’s infinite wisdom whenever I see him playing with his siblings. And my wife, Chris, ahhh…. She’s all I imagined as my dream wife – loving, caring, tough, athletic, always guiding me, and letting me discover life decisions by myself, although she knew she was right from the beginningĀ …. Thank you for all the greetings. It has truly been a happy birthday. I can’t wait living the next 40+ years.papa n twinspapa n ian