Changes in school

When Nathan moved to his new school, most of what was written in his communication notebook were about crying, cannot wait resulting to tantrums, biting someone, etc.

We have since been influencing Nathan’s teachers to adapt Son-Rise and they have made big adjustments.

Nowadays what’s written in his communication notebook is: he is always happy, teacher is not worried that he will tantrum anymore, other children (mainstream) also join and Nathan starts to play with them, teachers have been joining him and in return Nathan spontaneously answers their questions or tells them details and concepts on the photos, it is so easy to get Nathan to answer what’s on 3 flash cards in a row (his attention is longer), etc.

I know if I didn’t find Son-Rise a year of school and conventional therapy would be the same from beginning to end. OT notes would tell me that Nathan forever needs hand-over-hand assistance because he is too “distracted” to follow instructions.