Healing mind and body

One of the many blessings of this journey is discovering that there are so may routes to better health! I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of it.

I used to watch Amor sleeping. For every breath I took, she would take two shallow breaths. Imagine how hard her lungs and heart had to work 24/7. That was a sign of how bad her health was.

Before her health deteriorated, Amor was such a strong toddler. She could fight off fevers overnight with no medications, she wouldn’t drink them. As she got older, it became harder and harder for her to fight off even a simple cold. Cold and cough would linger for a week or more. At age 4, she got myoclonic epilepsy and things got worse. Ironically, the deterioration of Amor’s health directly correlated to hospital visits. No doubt those doctor-recommended anti-epilepsy, antibiotics and vaccines, help in the short term, but all together, they just burdened her body and general health.

Today, I have taken charge of understanding and dealing with my kid’s health instead of blindly following doctors. With diet and biomedical interventions that we have been doing, Amor is starting to detox and her body is “healing”. When I watch Amor sleep nowadays, I notice her breathing at almost the same rate as I do. Just watching her breath now feels like a heavy burden has been lifted.

The same is true for Nathan’s health. He never used to sweat as a baby and interventions have been helping him detox through sweat.

My twins are healing!