Knowing exactly what he wants and how to get it!

As I was giving Nathan his breakfast, he asked, “You want to go swimming?” He still gets pronouns mixed up.

I explained that after yesterday’s swimming, he was coughing this morning and it wasn’t a good idea to go swimming, else he might get sick.

Nathan then turned to look at Papa. I waited a little, watching him glancing at Papa making a decision. After a minute, he got off his chair. He walked towards Papa processing what I had told him and said, “…how about go to the park?”

When he reached Papa, he asked, “You want to go to the park?”

So neurotypical, if Mama does not approve, look for the next authority that will likely say “yes!” And if swimming is not possible ask for the next best thing!

Coming from classic autism, Nathan still has many stims and a short interactive attention span, but it’s neurotypical moments like this that tell us he will go a long long way!

In this photo, Nathan hops on Papa’s lap with a big smile knowing that with Papa, all his wishes get granted.

…it didn’t, it was raining so we explained that we couldn’t go out either and Nathan did not tantrum 🙂 What a complaint boy with autism!

We just love Son-Rise!