Great flight home

Nathan was such a trooper! No crying whatsoever during our 13-hour flight from New York to Dubai!

We practiced everything we learned from our Son-Rise Intensive. I decided before boarding the plane that I would be calm no matter what happens or how people responded. In the past Nathan could cry almost throughout our flight.

I explained to Nathan everything that was happening. When something might be unpredictable for him, like taking the earphone in the middle if his movie (before landing), I explained and gave him few seconds to process. I removed the earphones after about 10 seconds. He was fine with it. Imagine that?

The Son-Rise Intensive helped me realized that Nathan understands fully everything we tell him. We just need to give him some time to process and respond to our request.

Also, Nathan responds to how we feel. The calmer we are about flying, the calmer he is!

Miracles happen!