The benefits of autism: healing using alternative medicine.

When the twins were younger, we were at the doctors all the time because of simple things like colds. It was urgent because those colds quickly turned to cough and fever. My greatest fear was fever could trigger seizures. Nathan once had a febrile seizure at age 2. Amor had myoclonic epilepsy at age 4 to 6. I was always on my toes whenever the twins got sick.

Eventually I learned to use anti-allergy (Zyrtec) as soon as Nathan would sneeze. If I could stop the colds early, I would have avoided another round of antibiotics, cough and fever medicines.

However, the more anti-allergy I used, it seemed the more Nathan needed it to ward-off colds. Eventually we were consuming a bottle of Zyrtec a month. The twin’s health were evidently spiraling downwards and conventional medicine was just making things worse, covering up symptoms and not getting to the root cause.

I have been using essential oils for some months now. It is great at preventing colds. And even if it progresses, essential oils works well with cough and even sticky phlegm.

The big difference is that when we were using anti-allergies, it would resolve the cold but the more we used it, the more we needed it for the next round of colds. With essential oils, the body is strengthened. After some time, we use less and less of it.

Now-a-days, when Nathan starts to sneeze, I can dismiss it and sure enough, sneezing will go away without getting worse.

The twins immune systems are definitely getting better with alternative medicine.