Choose “overwhelm” or “celebrate”

I’m taking a deep breath recalling everything I have done in the past and thinking about what I will need to do therapy-wise and biomedically to help our twins with special needs.

Instead of sulking about the enormous task ahead, I’m taking this time to celebrate myself.

I’m celebrating the wisdom gained from closely monitoring the kids and researching every supplement/ program. I’m able to see the immediate results with every change. Examples:
– I know which supplement got Nathan to sing song he has only heard but never sang before.
– I know valor essential oil immediately gets him to stand upright making him more ready for the challenge of climbing.
– I know which essential oils effectively helps with common ailments.
– I know aggressive detoxing will not work for the overburdened immune systems of the twins. Slow and steady detox is better.
– I know energy healing (JSJ) is helping clear Amor’s skin and resolve gut issues. Nathan too.
– I know “joining” the son-rise way is the most effective way of getting the brightly lit face, strong eye-contact, smiles and laughter from not only Nathan but all my kids.
Mostly importantly, I know I should be seeing improvements immediately, not months after, or else the program/protocol is simply not worth continuing.

I’m celebrating the fact that I have tried so many options. Some if them were effective some were not. Though I have made many, many mistakes in the past, I celebrate that I tried those options and that those mistakes led to a wealth of learnings.

Many parents have figured it out and have actually gotten to full recovery of their kids. I don’t know if I will ever find all the puzzle pieces and unlock Nathan’s autism. But I celebrate the fact that ALREADY The Son-Rise Program has helped me become a better parent for all my kids. And ALREADY, I have found many alternatives to better health.

I have a big task ahead of me that could be overwhelming. But I celebrate the fact that I have tools that I need to help me through.

It feels good to choose to celebrate rather than let the situation control what I feel.