Has Nathan changed since our Son-Rise Intensive?

Ian: Mama, I think if you bring Kuya Nathan to Son-Rise (Intensive) one more time, he will be normal.

Me: What do you mean “normal”?

Ian: He will be like other children no more autism.

Me: Why? Do you think he has changed since we got back from Son-Rise? (Excited to throw back a question he asked me as soon as we got back from the Intensive)

Ian: Yes. When I sang a song like this….(sings one of Nathan’s songs but changes some lines and inserts funny words), Kuya Nathan laughed at me.

So amazing that Ian noticed the change!

In the photo, big brother Nathan and one of his best Son-Rise volunteers, 5-year-old, monkey Ian…even if their son-rise sessions last for only about 5 mins at at time :-D. Ian’s turning out to be the comedian of the house 🙂