We are all trying our best

Though it may seem brutal, I wouldn’t blame these parents.

I know when Nathan was 4, as he became more aggressive and would bite or pinch me whenever he could not communicate his needs. Or when he simply could no tolerate a sensation in his body. I had bruises all over my arms. At that time, I did think of the future and worry about what would happen when he got older and stronger.

If I was not helped, I could easily have gone down this path, choosing to confine an aggressive child, if there was nothing else I knew I could do. I’m sure even if this child is taken away into a home or institution, if his care takers do not understand the challenges of autism, they too will think of ways that may look brutal to others.

I’m blessed that I found The Son-Rise Program, which has helped us understand autism by looking through the eyes of the child. It has helped us find peace during Nathan’s aggression, so we learned to handle it more effectively. Son-Rise has greatly helped Nathan express his needs. Today he chooses language and gives up aggression as a form of communication.

I am also blessed finding the community of parents who have done all the research and understands the causes and ways to alleviate autism. A big part of the autism puzzle is gut health. Healing the gut, through diets and other biomedical interventions has helped Nathan’s body and mind.

Sending out prayers to parents still trapped in the dark about their children’s autism.

Sending out prayers to people who judge parents of kids with autism. We all try our best. We just need more help and compassion.