Be a best friend

Over a month ago, Nathan had a volunteer, Trevors, who played with Nathan for only 8 sessions during their school term break under The Child One Skill Program.

Today, Trevors came over with his group mates for their school project regarding raising special needs children. See photo of Trevors and friends in action.

I was so amazed Nathan remembered Trevors perfectly! Without reintroducing them, Nathan called Trevors by name before asking to hand him some snacks :-).

When Trevors volunteered for Nathan, all I asked him was to be Nathan’s best friend. To be so exciting, convenient and easy to be a friend. That would make it easy for Nathan to step out of his world of autism and reach out to our world of social interaction. Sure enough, Nathan took the effort to get to know Trevors and remember his name!