Next stop Osteopathy

Next stop in our healing journey is Osteopathy. I was amazed at how much information the Osteopath Doctor got from simply placing her hands on Nathan. She got that his gut was not moving (always constipated), his neck muscle was tight, his hips was misaligned, he wasn’t breathing with his diaphragm but his upper chest (all probably connected to his CP but aggravates his autism). She made some adjustments and send me home with few exercises. Nathan as seen her about 3 times one or two weeks apart.

I must say I am seeing good stuff like Nathan sweats more consistently. He has spoken in sentences before, but these days more consistent. Some games that were very repetitive before are now gaining variations and he’s paying more attention as I ask him questions for the game. After she released his neck muscle, Nathan finally allowed me to hold his nape area to do a JSJ relax hold. He never let me close before.

Amor on the other hand is not responding as “fast” as Nathan. In fact, she seems a little more irritable. Things getting worse before they get better, is also an expected result.

Excited as we go on this path of alternative healing!