She amazes me again!

She amazes me yet again! At the pool, Amor borrowed another girl’s goggles. And yehey the girl was kind enough to lend it! I made sure I celebrated her and told her that her generosity teaches Amor to be generous.

I kept watching Amor to make sure she just doesn’t leave the goggles anywhere. As a routine, I was ready to pick up whatever toys she borrowed (or grabbed from other kids) because she was too distracted to return them. Lo and behold, after some time, Amor took off the goggles, swam to the girl and politely returned them! Like, I need to rub my eyes! Did that just happen?

In the past I used to believe that as Amor got older, her delays became more apparent and the gap between her and her peers would get wider and wider. She would be special-needs forever, I thought. That was before Son-Rise. It is only because of the Son-Rise Program that I can actually feel her socially catching-up with her peers. I know in my heart Amor will grow-up to be an outstanding young lady in her own right!

God is good!

In the photo, my twins and I posed “1,2,3 swim!” before we headed off for the pool.