Nathan is more expressive 

Since we started our Son-Rise Program in 2011, Nathan quickly reconnected with his father. We could tell how much he wanted to be with Papa by the sparkle in his eyes whenever Papa walked into the door. Or we could see the excitement in his face, whenever Nathan invited Papa to give him a piggy-back rides or to blow fart-kisses on his tummy. That was a totally different image of Nathan who always chose to be alone, before our Son-Rise Program.
But this past week has been super amazing! Nathan is insisting and verbalising how much he really really wants to be with Papa.

When he wakes-up he, walks around the house, opening all the bedroom and bathroom doors, calling out for Papa. When I bathe him he asks that Papa bathe him. When he sees me holding my phone he politely asks, “I want to call Papa.” When I’m playing with him he asks for Papa (oh well, I can settle for being second favourite). At the dinner table, Nathan insists on sitting on Papa’s lap. When I help him to bed he asks, “I want Papa”. When Papa lays next to him, Nathan readily engages with bedtime songs. When Papa tucks him in and is about to will leave the room, Nathan grabs his hand to stay, and says, “No”.

When Nathan asks for Papa during the day, I wish I could push the time so evening arrives and so does Nathan’s most favourite person in the world!

Imagine that. And in 2010, I was crying every day, scared of his future and wondering why Nathan became so disconnected to the world and oblivious to even his own father. I was praying for a miracle…and miracles came…There are good days ahead of us!