Keeping healthy 

We stayed at sister’s place in Virginia for almost the whole month of July. This place helped me realise that everything I do to help my kids heal autism, goes a long.
The whole month in the countryside Nathan slept through that night. That is not common. Nathan still gets waking spelling with either laugh, or cry, or agitation.
While we were there, at bedtimes I would have such amazing “conversations” with Nathan. I would ask him questions or ask him which songs to sing duet with me. He would keep fully engaged with me for a solid 30 minutes. It was as if there was no distractions, nothing bothering him at all. He was fully with me.

My NT, Ian has eczema. It was finally getting better with the alternative treatments in Singapore, but it was in our holidays when I finally felt confident it was healing. I was confident enough to stop his anti-histamines. But guess what, we are back in Singapore and his rashes are acting out again 😒.

My sister’s place was practically in the middle of the forest. The air was clean. Chlorine-free and flouride-free water was from their well. We got organic food and most meats were free-range, hormone-free. There was only one source of wifi.  

In Singapore, there is construction and dust everywhere you turn. Humid air brings alot of molds. Sure enough, Nathan was sneezing again when we got back to Singapore despite our frequently cleansed air-conditioning.  

There must be other offenders. We are probably so accustomed to gasoline emissions, yet our kids work hard to detox all that. Plus there is weekly fumigation for mosquitoes. So much for all the organic foods we eat, when we inhale pesticides directly.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and wifi is everywhere in this city. Even if we turn off our router at night, we will still get bombarded by wifi from our neighbours upstairs, downstairs, left and right. Not to mention EMF from home circuits and the giant satellites generously distributed all over the country.  

Many people probably don’t even know they are bothered by EMF but this is really my super Ian’s kryptonite. Almost as soon as we settled back in Singapore and Ian gets a nose bleed again…and again…and again. I have practically correlated his nose bleeds with the number of hours he spends on the computer or using the iPhone for games. I’m sure this compounds his eczema problem. Not once did he have a nose bleed in the only-one-wifi-source, no-iPhones-while-on-holiday, almost-dead-cell-spot, country-side of Virginia.

It was a fantastic and healthy vacation and I miss my sister and family already. But we’re moving forward towards healing, knowing that all the health interventions we do to keep my kid’s environment and food clean, really works and heals the body and mind.