“Mommy play with me”

First thing in the morning, Nathan asked me to wear the tarsier shirt. That’s the old green shirt with a drawing of the smallest monkey in the world and its large eyes. That is actually Nathan’s way of telling me, “Mommy play with me.”

I asked him where it was and if he could help me find it. He led me to my closet, opened the door, pulled out the shirt saying, “here it is!”I put on his favourite shirt for me, jumped into bed with him and played many silly games that HE INITIATED.  

Younger brother, Ian was next to us, laughing as he watched us. When I got the opportunity, I asked Nathan to invite Ian to play. Nathan obliged, “Ian squeeze hug please.” Ian was more than happy to give him his crazy squeeze hugs and continued to help me son-rise Nathan!

Imagine that. Four years ago, in the year that he got his autism diagnosis, I used to sing my song to him:

Do you know Mama Chris, Mama Chris, Mama Chris? She loves you very much. 

I was hoping that song would get him to understand that I was his mother and I was right there next to him loving him. It felt like the song was falling on deaf ears. It felt like my future was doomed.

But miracles happen and keep happening!

What a blessed morning!