Spot the Special-Needs Child???

One of the “controversial” principles of the Son-Rise Program® is that specials needs kids grow best in a distraction-free, one-on-one environment. That means keeping them at home, no parties, no crowded gatherings UNTIL the child can handle over sensory stimulation and can better relate to people.

I have never doubted that principle. Amor always responded well in a distraction-free, one-on-one environment like bed time. At school, when there are more kids and more parents around, I used to get puzzled why Amor couldn’t follow simple instructions, couldn’t hold a conversation, became irritable and could not transition to next tasks.

I happily chose not to go to parties with Amor. I also did not like the idea of Amor grabing party food out that was outside her special diet.

But today she’s ready…with just a bit more assistance. I assisted her at the beginning of the party so she could participate in games. 😅

When the relay games started, however, I watched Amor as she studied the kids in front of her. I felt confident that she didn’t need assistance to participant in the game. So I got video to capture the fantastic moment!….Now, try to spot the child with special needs.

You can hear me in the background cheering as if my daughter just won the Olympics! True enough, I know she is already a champion!

God is good!