Power of Surrender

A couple of years back I met a father who has seen his daughter go from special needs to a very happy, typical child. I was so excited to find out how, and asked him, “What was the biggest intervention you did you help you get to recovery?”
I was expecting to be listening to speech on dietary interventions or biomedical protocols. But I was surprised that he answered, “We surrendered everything to God!”
I couldn’t grasp it back then. I believed I had to work super hard and do my best to get my twins to recovery…But I get it now.  
I now know that His love for me and my twins is greater than the health conditions that they have. Life is simple and easy. By His grace I have been lead to the easiest, yet most powerful autism interventions. He has made my journey so much easier. My twins have been progressing fantastically. Surely He will continue guiding me to become a better parent. I know that everything else that I cannot do, He will take care of! At last, I have learned to Surrender everything to God! What a powerful feeling 😉!