It’s about us now

Amor is very consistent now. She makes sure she finds out where are are going when we leave her at home. When we return she is sure to greet us, “Hi Mama, how was your meeting?” or “Hi Papa, how was your gym?” or “How was your party?”
It used or be all about her. She used to greet us with “I want your iphone!” or “I want a toy/present. What’s in your bag?” Now, she’s excited to know more about others.

What has worked for Amor:

– Much thanks to her Son-Rise team and Papa who leads it, they make her session all about her for as much as she needs us to focus on her. By modelling and giving her her social needs, she has learned to give back and think about others too.
– Celebrating. Whenever she greets me, I always say and show her how excited I am that she was thinking about me and asking me how my day was. Authentic Celebrations with Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm (3E’s) is sure to get repeat performances!
In the photo is Amor who greeted us last night with “How was your party?” and came over to give me the sweetest hug.