Sweet kids

What a blessed playground session.
Amor asked a 9-year-old if she could borrow her bike, she generously said “Yes” and her younger brother also offered, “You can borrow my skateboard too.” When asked, the older brother gave up his bike too. Soon, the girl was offering to help Amor balance on the skateboard then invited her to play with her animal rescue toys with her. All three kids were so polite, friendly and generous. Such a powerful way to help Amor acquire those same wonderful qualities.

Typically, Amor looks like an irritable, non-compliant child at the playground. When another child does not share (and of course no body can blame them), it unfortunately triggers Amor’s amygdala (the fear-center of the brain) creating havoc 😜. The amygdala is usually overactive in kids with special needs. But polite kids send happy signals to the brain and keeps the amygdala calm, as it should be. That’s the perfect environment to help Amor grow.

One measure of Amor’s triggered sensory issues is her difficulty transitioning, i.e. her difficulty following me when I say “time to go home!” But today, since she was so calm at the playground, she peacefully led me home after I rushed her to beat the rain. She even gave me the sweetest smile. See photo.

Feeling so blessed seeing more and more generous kids at the playground and hoping we bump into them again.