Amor’s “Premonition”

I was listening to Raun Kaufman’s audio book when Amor walked in and listened.  
Amor: When I grow up, I want to be like Raun Kaufman!
(I was super excited about he idea! Raun, was the first Son-Rise(r) child, fully recovered from autism, went on to an Ivy League university and now helps thousands of parents and families with children with special needs, through the Autism Treatment Center of America. We are one of those families, who will forever be grateful for getting us on this road to recovery).

Me: Why?

Amor: So I can talk to parents.

Me: What will you talk to them about?

Amor: About being flexible.

(Flexibility is one of the major targets in the Son-Rise Program Social Developmental Model and something we have been working on with Amor. It’s amazing she picked that topic)

Amor: I can also be a talker in an audio book. 😄

What an exciting “premonition” Amor!

In the photo is the hard copy of the audio book I was listening to, which Raun has signed and dedicated to Amor. How awesome!