A few months into homeopathy, I celebrated that fact Nathan made more detailed sentences. Like, “Open the key door bathroom please.” That’s his short cut for “Open the bathroom door with a key please.” Or he would request “I want to listen to Jump Around (his Favourite song) on the brown iphone, blue speaker.”  
Today, about 6months into homeopathy, I realise how much more complex his sentences are becoming. He says, “Open the key door bathroom please. I want to wash my hands.” Two sentences! Yippee! 
I’ve also noticed he responds faster, he is more present and can handle 2 simultaneous events, like throw a banana peel while holding/eating the banana at the same time. Sounds simple, but not too long ago, the only way to get him to listen and follow, was if I waited for him to finish the banana first, then request to throw the peel. A simultaneous request would fall of deaf ears and nothing would get done. In fact, Nathan couldn’t even have 2 items in his hands. He would have to put down the second item so he could eat the banana on his other hand.
His homeopath and I have felt that Nathan has “seizures”. “Seizures” big to be seen as jerks followed by few seconds of feeling lost, but “small” such that neurologists saw spikes in his brain waves (EEG) but debated on whether or not to medicate. 
Through the years, those jerks became more frequent. The lost attention span became longer and longer. That coincided with Nathan’s regression into autism. It has always been at the back of my head.
Fast forward to today…This time we tried a homeopathic remedy that helps with seizures and I’m seeing these good results.
I’m so glad the homeopath has answers for me. When the experts dismissed my instinct about those seizure-like jerks and reinforced the conventional notion that nothing can be done about the life-long condition, autism….I just had to keep searching. I’m happy that the autism community led me to homeopathy.
I’m praying that God continues to guide our path towards healing and gives us the wisdom to identify the right remedies for Nathan.