Back to health 

Amor had fever last night. She is well tonight with just a bit of cough. 
I know her health has picked up tremendously with all the diet and alternative medicine interventions we have been doing for her and Nathan.
Her health deteriorated when she was 4 to about 7 years of age, when she had seizures and was under medication. Her seizures were triggered by medicines she had to take for her primary complex diagnosis, or MIS-diagnosis. A diagnosis I agreed with because the doctor didn’t explain that her BCG vaccine will alway give a false positive result. Amor was very sickly during those years and couldn’t even fight off simple colds. 

But her health is as strong today, as she was as a toddler, the way it should be. During her “healthy years” she used to get fevers for one night only and it never bothered me because I knew she was a fighter.

Praise God for healing.