From self-centered to compassionateĀ 

From the millions gifts that we have received from running our Son-Rise Programs, Amor being in tune with us must be one of the best ones! 
As we got ready for church this morning, Amor said with enthusiasm, “Wow Mommy, you look nice in your shirt!” Then Papa came and she told him, “Papa you look nice in your grey shirt.” We just had to take a photo with her.

Amor now greets us with the sweetest “How was your day?” when we arrive home. If Nathan was noisy the night before, she asks me “Did you sleep well?” She listens to our stories and follows-up on how things went.

For many years, Amor has been like an over-sized 2-year-old šŸ˜œ…everything was all about her. All the toys in the playground were always “Mine!” she claimed. Sharing was not in her vocabulary. Everything had to go her way or haywire.

With Son-Rise confidence, we gave her the comfort and security of having it her way, for as long as she needed it. And now, we see her maturing out of her needs and being able to recognise what others need too.

What a blessing!