Jin Shin Jyutsu

I just finished a 5-day training on Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing) with amazing teacher Cynthia Broshi!

Just as I found JSJ to heal my twins with special needs, Cynthia found JSJ to help her daughter, Lucy, who was born with a life-threatening condition. JSJ helped Lucy and Cynthia to live life to the fullest. Doctors were certain that Lucy would be too “sick” to attend school, and would not live a long life. But she did go to school and lived a harmonious life until she was 16 years. That was more than three times longer than the number of years the doctors said, with certainly, that she would live. When speaking of Cynthia’s JSJ, doctors told her, “I wish we could bottle that stuff.”

Just as amazing as Cynthia’s testimony are those of my 80 classmates, from healing their children, recovering from life-threatening accidents, caring and healing their mothers, desire to help community, volunteering at hospitals and helping HIV patients, incorporating JSJ into their medical practice, “healing” with Down’s Syndrome symptoms…and the list goes on! 

I have certainly experienced JSJ, bring down my kid’s high fever, help Nathan sleep better at night, help Amors bloated tummy and heal her eczema, help with constipation, ease indigestion, get rid of hiccups…my list goes on too.

It’s amazing how God created our bodies so perfect. It moves towards healing, even with just a simple touch!