Yes he can 

Nathan requested, “I want coconut oil on my neck.” So I gave him a tiny cup of oil. Then I watched with amazement, and even teary eyes, as he took the cup, dipped his fingers and appropriately rubbed his neck. Then do the same until he got as much oil as he needed on his neck.
Nathan has practically skipped the whole play-with-toys-appropriately stage. His autism, as well as cerebral palsy, limits his ability to manipulate toys and objects. All the way up to age 6, all toys went straight into his mouth. After that, all toys would be flapped or tapped, better yet, toys were ignored, and all the boxes and packaging they came in would be flapped and tapped 😝.  
Sometimes I wondered whether Nathan would be fully independent one day. But today, as I watched him help himself get the relief he wanted from rubbing oil on his neck, I know with conviction, that day will come.