A Super Ordinary Day that calls for a Celebration!!!

…and I thought it was just an ordinary day.
I had lots of errands that I had to do with Amor after I picked her up after her music class. We had to pass by 7-Eleven to get play cards that I promised Ian. Then we had a quick dinner before getting groceries and finally heading home.

At the end of the day, I was happy to be home and in bed thinking, “Just an ordinary day…”

Then I realized, “Wow! I was with Amor and it was JUST AN ORDINARY DAY! How FANTASTIC!”

At the mall, I walked ahead of her. She followed me around making sure she could see me and not get distracted by the exciting shoe store or toy shops. Not too long ago, I would become unimportant to her if there was a more exciting shop. It didn’t matter that I would hide and for several minutes checking if she would look for me…she didn’t. I was reminded of those trips when we passed by a store and she said what was in her mind, “Bye-bye shoe shop, next time we will buy shoes.” 😇

At 7-Eleven, we got Ian’s card games. She suggested but did not insist on buying toys for her. 😇 

She followed me around the groceries without insisting on what she wanted.😇 She suggested “let’s go over there,” pointing at the aisle of shining packages of snacks and sweets, but she followed me as I reminded her that we on our way to the cashier. 😇

She patiently waited in line with me, sometimes suggesting, “let’s get these chips?” I simply reminded her that we had dinner already and didn’t need another snack. And she didn’t insist further. 😇 

These circumstances would have otherwise triggered her rigidity and difficulty transitioning, causing tantrums. Then leading to an upset Mom trying to get her whining Daughter home. Instead, Amor gave up on her “needs” and allowed me to “control” the schedule of our events. 😇

I have never written a blog with so many happy angel faces 😇😇😇! Amor has certainly been making great strides stepping out of her irritability and becoming the sweet Angel that she was meant to be.

I have been waiting for this day for the longest time and now that I have it! I almost didn’t realise that it’s here!

What a SUPER ORDINARY day! For the first time, it felt so easy doing errands with Amor. More errands and outings with Amor to come! 

Praise God for the gift of healing!
In the photo: Amor and I enjoying our sushi date before getting groceries.