Super flexible at outings

Usually, it’s Ian, my neurotypical Son, who I like to bring along when I’m doing errands. I try hit 2 birds with one stone call these errands “a date with my child”. But since Amor has been so magnificent at going out, following instructions, flexible, not being distracted, I decided she’s absolutely ready to help me with major groceries and have a date! And she was! 
As we paid the cashier, an elderly couple were chasing their grand Daughter. The child ran away while her grand parents scrambled to try to pull her back to pay for the toy in her hands. Looked like a case of “terrible 2s”.  

Having sensory issues and Global Developmental Delay, Amor’s “terrible 2s” lasted past age 3, 4, 5….almost until recently. She’s already 10, but at last, she has overcome her terrible-2-like symptoms. I didn’t image it would finally get this easy to do errands with her. Brighter days are ahead! 

Praise God for the gift of healing! #tryabettertherapy

In the photo: Amor decided to follow me despite the temptation of toys on the shelf.