Tantrum-free dates at last!

Now that it’s so easy, I’ve been super enjoying bringing Amor out!
Going out with Amor used to feel like a date with an oversized terrible-2. I used to feel so bad that I couldn’t handle Amor because she would tantrum, lay on the floor and make a scene to have things go her way all the time. But she wasn’t 2. She was 4..6…even 8 years old. No, she wasn’t trying to give me a hard time. Her sensory processing issues/Global Developemental Delay was simply overpowering her ability focus, follow instruction and to be flexible enough to transition from one activity to another.

As ironic as it may seem, the Son-RiseĀ® technique that has helped the most, was keeping Amor home, playing in her playroom or in the security of our attitudinally Son-Rise home. That “relaxed” the “thunderstorm” in her brain that was causing the sensory processing disorder. The comfort of Son-Rise, helped her brain go from fight-or-flight mode to recovery mode! All the time that we have invested in Son-Rise has been well worth it! #tryabettertherapy

In the photos: I enjoyed my date with Amor and was fascinated at the things she was fascinated about: waiting nicely for her turn on the horse, her confidence on the horse, the manikin that She turned into a giant doll, seeing herself on the security cameras at the training station, chatting on the training fascinated that she knew what station we were getting off. Life is truly a blessing when we count our blessings.