Love is enough

I have painted this image twice.
The first time was when I felt the strength of The Son-Rise ProgramĀ® to heal my son’s severe autism. I imagined how my love for my Son, Nathan, can be poured continuously and abundantly into his bucket. Though his autism may cause leaks, difficulty learning, social skills challenges, I saw that my love for him can be poured stronger than the leaks. Thus, in time his bucket filled to the top and even overflow. Nathan’s self-confidence will be overflowing. True enough, we experience a journey of recovery as we continue to manifest our love for him!

The second image came as I learned about God’s Revelation of Grace. I too was a bucket with holes of weakness, stress and fears as I tried to be a good Mom for my kids. But now I know that God pours His abundant love for me. Thus, it does matter how many leaks I have, God’s love for me is supplied constantly and abundantly. I am overflowing with God’s love for me. Because of this I am even more confident in what the future brings for us!