Busting the “red light” but he’s ok with it!

In The Son-Rise Program®, a key to helping a child, is recognising red lights (when child wants to withdraw into his autism) and green lights (when child gives the go signal and is ready for social interaction).
Today, Nathan has been so verbal, he’s actually able to say when he’s on green or red light.

As he finished eating his snack at the dining table, he invited me, “I want to play with Mama in the bed room.” That’s a super strong green light! Though he has gestured his invitation to play many times before, this was an exciting, clear, verbal invitation!

It was so fun, he was asking me to sing a Japanese song (he was in a Japanese special needs school in 2012). Though I recognised the song, I couldn’t recall the lyrics….but he did and he re-taught me the song! At one point he asked me to put on my tarsier shirt. That’s a shirt he requests for when I know he’s ready for more games and is willing to keep engaging with me. Strong green lights! And so we kept playing! 

After about 45 mins, he asked me to take off my tarsier shirt….that usually means that Nathan is telling me, “time to stop, I’m withdrawing back into my Autism now.” …Red light.

I changed my shirt but I was having so much fun, I kept playing with him. He looked sleepy and but was nice enough to keep laughing at my massage and silly games….until he finally said, “Mama go away please.” Flashing red lights!!! 

I couldn’t get a better photo…but here he is, trying to be alone and nap…while crazy Mama tries to get a photo so she can blog about this amazing incident 😂😜
Let me recap:

1. He verbally, clearly tells me exactly what he wants. He didn’t have intentional speech when we started this journey.

2. Even if he didn’t want to play with me, he will still nice about it. Busting the red light, especially a sleepy red light used to result to major tantrums, but this Son-Rise kid is growing-up to be such a polite young man! 😘

We are so blessed by the gift of God’s healing! 

Happy New Year everyone! I know it will be an amazing year ahead!