The Gift of Healing

In the past few days Nathan has been recalling songs. He’s even re-teaching me the lyrics and melodies of songs from years ago and even Japanese songs, which he listened to (but never sang) when he was in a special needs school back in Japan.
Nathan regressed, deep into autism. He was able to sing perfect nursery rhymes at age 2 1/2. But he slowly started losing words, his songs became humming, he started losing the melody and his songs became chanting. By age 4, Nathan “completely slipped away”. He had no eye-contact, he was unable to use intentional words, he even lost the ability to echo his words (echolalia) and all his singing turned into rhyme-less chanting.

…but it has been an amazing past week. I can feel neurons reconnecting in his brains as if he is he picking-up from where he “was lost”. He is 10 years-old now, and it’s amazing that he’s singing songs from age 3 to 5…those were the regression years, the years when he no longer sang or spoke meaningful words. 

What have I been doing differently? 2016 had been a year of deepening faith and understanding how much I am loved by God as demonstration through Christ and all the healing that he did when he was alive. He healed FIRST, without condemnation, without asking for anything in return. He healing because He loved us and He wants to continue to heal if we allow Him to. 

I am greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved!