Mother-Daughter Date

I remember the early years when I used to take Amor shopping for shoes but had a very hard time. When I wanted to buy her rubber shoes she demanded to get dress shoes; when it was time to get sandals or slippers she cried to get a second pair of rubber shoes; when it was time to go home she hard time transitioning; she would shout “No!” many times, as if the world would follow her demands if she shouted louder. The sales people couldn’t understand why she was always irritable. I would tell them she had special needs hoping they would somehow understand.
For a number of years, it was easier for me to leave Amor home and I would go out to pick clothes and shoes for her.

These days are very different. I love that Amor has developed her own taste and preference for shoes and clothes and she can enjoying picking them with me. Isn’t this every Mom’s dream…to go shopping with their Daughter…can’t say Papa and his credit card agrees…😜

I love that Amor no longer gives me a hard time. Dates with her are fun not frustrating. She is such a sweetheart and sticks to our shopping plans and goes home when it’s time. 

At the end of the day Amor said her prayers thankful for her new shoes and her date with Mama. 

Life is blissful!