In the past few days Amor has been putting different dolls on the sofa. Today she told me “I’ll put Matty (her lamb) in the sofa so that when I come back from school, she will be waiting for me.”

When she gets back she gets the comfort of her expectations being met.

Predictability: This is why it’s easier for special kids to play with toys rather than other kids.

So what can we do about it? Son-Rise® teaches us parents and volunteers to be more predictable for the child so that they enjoy playing with us more than the very predictable toys that they can control.  

It seems counter intuitive, but being more predictable for the child (that is, is letting go of our need for our child to follow us), is the best way help the child be more flexible and let go of their need for predictability. 

While we help Amor to become more flexible, Matty, Amor’s ever so loyal lamb, is here to provide Amor’s predictability-security for as long as she needs it!