From Zero Attention Span to Perfect Bonding!

When Nathan was 4 years old and regressed deep into autism, he was so withdrawn, it was as if no body else existed around him. He didn’t respond to his name. I didn’t even know if he knew I was his mom and if he knew that I loved him so much. Up to age 5, he had not intentional speech. At that time, in the lowest point of our autism journey, I thought he had no future.

I was so wrong. Thanks to Son-RiseĀ® I found a way to “reach” Nathan and manifest my love for him. This boy, once severely autistc boy, with zero interactive attention span, can now engage with me. We had a long blissful interaction this morning. He “stayed” interacting with me for longer than 30 minutes. I have to break up the video I took, so watch out, there is more to come!

“Lovey Dovey Hugs” or squeeze hugs, btw, help Nathan regulate excess energy he has brewing inside. That excess energy used to result into tantrums and biting (me, his sibling or himself), but hugs and Son-Rise, in general, has helped Nathan regulate and be the sweet boy he was intended to be.

Praise God for the gift of healing! #AutismRecovery here we come!