Retained Baby Memory

As a toddler, Nathan was able to learn sign language. However, there was a turmoil after age 2 as Nathan regressed until he got his late autism diagnosis at age 4. He “slipped away” and lost all his words, songs, focus and attention. He became severely autistic.

It’s interesting now that we are on the road to recovery, Nathan might have “lost memory” during those turmoil years but his memory from toddler years is amazing. He has been recalling things we used to do at age 1 to 2 like sign language for water, milk, bread, giraffe, lion, etc.
How to get on the road to recovery? Simple as it may sound, but come to think about it, the key is playing silly games like you see in the video…the Son-RiseĀ® way! There must be large truths in laugher being the best medicine even for #AutismRecovery!