Blessed by kids at the playground 

It’s such a blessing when kind souls come to play.
At the playground, I was playing at the sand pit with Nathan when a sweet girl curiously approached. Upon invitation, she happily helped pat down the sand mountain on Nathan’s legs.

Nathan and I were playing our echo game before she came. Nathan says crazy words and expects me to echo it back to him. Usually only both of us understand the rules to his games, but Nathan has learned to invite people to play. He requested, “Ana (not real name) say ‘da’ please.” She looked and him with a sweet baby smile and echoed “Da!”. She gets the rules of the game! 😉 Nathan broke into laugher and asked her to keep echoing. They exchanged sweet laughers. How awesome is that!

Because we have been spending lots of time getting to know Nathan’s world of autism, he now has the confidence to step out and reach out to others and invite them to play his silly games! 

Feeling blessed to meet such kind children at the park! 😇

In the photo: only her nanny was at the park, wish I could get permission from her parents for a photo, so this back view will have to do! Nathan was mesmerised with her, as he usually gets when with babies.