I am not a patient parent

Patience will make me a less effective parent.
Patience implies I don’t really like it, but I have to live with it and just manage my demeanour. 

Patience gets people burnt out fast! 

I parent out of enjoyment and celebration. 

When Nathan shows autistic, repetitive behaviours, I celebrate knowing that he is trying his very best to cope with the sensory-overwhelming environment despite his autism.

When Amor shows irritability, I like the opportunity it gives me to practice being unwaveringly calm because modelling is the best way to teach what I want from her.

When Nathan shows agitation building up to violence, I relish the challenge of timing myself and beating my record time of helping him relax.

When I’m with Nathan and Ian asks for attention, I enjoy finding ways to adjust my games so that I can simultaneously entertain both boys, even if they are cognitively in very different levels.

When my kids fight, it’s a privilege teaching them to negotiate and deal amicability with each other. I enjoy watching them mature as they learn important negotiating skills.

When my children are afraid, I love to dive into understanding why so that I can provide the immediate security they need to help them overcome fear. I enjoy seeing that early support/security enables them to conquer anything that life throws at them later in the future.

Disclaimer: I have lots of hard times, but those I offer to God, knowing in full confidence that through Christ, He is excited about loving me and healing my children…He is not just being “patient” with me 😉